Vulnerability Assessment

• Minimize Security Exploitation.
• Identify Vulnerabilities of Network Configuration.
• Resolve Potential Risk and Security Threats.
• Enhanced Business Continuity by Eliminating Possible Downtime.
• Search and Resolve Default Setting from Integration of Devices.

Prevention is better than cure. Vulnerabilities are potential loopholes where attackers can exploit and try gain access to your network. A successful attack will compromise not only sensitive, confidential data and information but also tarnish the image of the company and trust of clienteles.

Vulnerabilities are constantly eliminated while attackers constantly seek out new weakness to gain access into IT environments. Nex Venture caters a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Suites used to identify the flaws and the risks associated with those vulnerabilities. Nex Venture designs and implements feasible and cost effective solutions, specifically tailored to ensure a robust network and security against anonymous access attempts.