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As a Business IT Solutions network company established in 2002, Nex Venture integrates the best of technologies along with the experience to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Emphasis on operational excellence and adopting a customer-focused service delivery model are foundational elements to meet ever-evolving demands of the IT industry.

Our Network engineers are experienced in designing IT network infrastructure with constant monitoring to upkeep systems performance through the maintenance of data storages and stability during servers migration. In preparedness and vigilance against intrusive software disruption to clients’ businesses, Nex Venture emphasizes on enhancing network security and provisioning contingency plans for virtual technical support.

Nex Venture provides an existing systems review and requirements analysis to determine the most suitable security open systems software and hardware in meeting specific needs of our clients from a consultative perspective. Hence, developing a Business Continuity Plan with clients thereby diminishes the impact of potential threats which can cease regular business operations during a time of emergency or disaster.

By demonstrating our core values and business principles in our daily operations, we believe in creating a respectful work environment where ideas can be shared and nurtured. Hence, optimizing the team’s professional and personal skills to their potential will in turn provide quality, positive and trusted experience to maintain alliances with our clients worldwide.