Corporate Partnership

• Design and Rebranding your Own Packages.
• Clientele Protection.
• Co-Operative Marketing and Sales.
• Provide Advance Supports and Expert Advice.
• Best Market Practice Knowhow.
• Monitoring and Preventive Support.

Take your business to a whole new level with Nex Venture. Corporate partnering allows you to have best of both worlds. As Corporate Partner, you may repackage and rebrand the offering as part of your own solutions packages.

Nex Venture engineers will provide advance monitoring and technical advices for services rendered by you to your valuable clienteles. In addition, we will also contribute our expertise and conduct onsite survey for more complex cases. We believe in working closely together, furnishing required support to ensure a competitive edge over your competitors, without compromising service and quality while enhancing your company’s image.

Our Top Selling IT Solution Packages:
• Managed Co-location Rebranding Mail Servers
• Cloud DNS Service
• Maintenance Package
• Storage Solution Online and Offsite
• Business Continuity Solution
• Disaster Prevention and Recovery
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Premium Email Gateway Protection
• Website Design and e-commerce
• eCondo ( CMS )
• TOP Booking System
• and many more …