Disaster Recovery

• Restoration of Organization operation stage.
• Keep the losses to the bare minimum.
• Automated Backup/Recover to/from Offsite Capability.
• Secured data protection during transmission.
• Periodic Reviews of Disaster Recovery Plan.

Disaster Recovery is more than just a basic backup of data into some storage media. The coverage spans from networking planning and monitoring backup scheme, to frequent regular recovery trials, with inclusion of onsite as well as offsite recovery.

With chain of incidents happening one after another in succession, snowballing into uncontrollable events or the occurrence of unpredictable destructions such as: Earthquakes, Major Power Outages affecting Electrical Distribution Points, Massive Flooding or Fire, Viruses Outrage and Internal Sabotaging.

In spite of the unpredictability of when and where a disaster will strike, or any means to prevent it from happening. A wise decision would be to implement a Disaster Recovery Plan, as it works towards minimizing the loss of important data and information. This allows Organization to recover back into operational state as soon as possible.

For years, Nex Venture has been working with many clients on the implementation and has recovered of tons of data through Disaster Recovery Topology.