Onsite Maintenance

• Proactive and Preventive Maintenance Measure.
• Scheduled Inspection by Professional Engineers.
• Seek Out and Fix Potential Issue.
• Ensure All Auto Notifications System are Functioning.
• Documentation and Updates of Critical IT System.
• Refine and Ensure Optimal Operating Capacity.

Nex Venture continuously takes a Preventive Approach in updating and upkeeping clients’ software and hardware, advertently reducing the possibility of downtime to the minimum.

Our onsite network maintenance engineers monitor all critical services and also actively resolve any current or potential issues. Network stability is essential in sustaining efficiency and reliability. Thus, reducing downtime while improving on productivity and maximising business performance.

Since valuable IT Assets, both hardware and software are kept in an online tracking system along with all services work orders. Hence, allowing Nex Venture to plan ahead with competent IT enhancement programs, this is to prevent any potential failure and disruption to daily operations. We ensure your IT investment performance which will enhance your company’s capacity.